PHILPA’s Technical Committee is constituted by five members and has the task of controlling the age and condition of all vehicles, which are to receive the ‘Recognition Identification FIVA’ card. Vehicles with the FIVA Card are accepted in events and are supplied special number plates according to the Ministerial Decision ΣΤ.1831 /19.01.1978 and the Vehicle Registration Certificate’.

The FILPA Technical Committee also acts on behalf of E.O.FILPA.

T.C. members are elected by the General Assembly, while the President is appointed by the PHILPA Board members. The current T.C., which completes its two-year term on 1stFebruary 2020, consists of:

PRESIDENT: Robert Smith


  • Santamouri Sake Danae
  • Iliou Aimilios Marios
  • Sourris George  

For assistance please call us on +30 210 6934700 between 10.00 – 13.00 and 17.00 – 19.00.