The nine-member Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly to serve a two-year period. The President is elected by a separate vote. The positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer are determined through an internal procedure of the board and the informal positions of the Head of Public Relations and Communication Manager are determined in the same manner.

The current composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

President                 PANAGIOTIS FOTINOPOULOS

Vice President         ROBERT SMITH

Secretary General   VAGELIS NOMIKOS

Treasurer                 JOHN ASMATOGLOU


GEORGE  HORIANOPOULOS (Regularity rallies)


MANOS PALAVIDIS (Communication & Publicity)

ANGELOS TRAKADAS ((Sponsors & New members)

GEORGE VALLINDAS (Regularity rallies) 


The term of the Board is two years - until 1/2/2022