12/1/2014 17th MEETING OF ATHENS   (FIVA Β Event)
5-6/4/2014 SPRING RALLY (FIVA Β Event Β)
12-13/4/2014 5th CLASSIC RALLY OF GREECE   (FIVA Β Event)
30/4-3/5/2014 EXCURSION TO ITALY (Excursion)
30/6/2014 Trackday (Drivers circuit training)
6-7/9/2014 3rd TATOI CIRCUIT 2014 (FIVA Β Event)
25-28/9/2014 43rd INTERNATIONAL RALLY  (FIVA Α Event)
12/10/2014 11th CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE  (FIVA Β Event)
26/10/2014 Trackday (Drivers circuit training)
2/11/2014 WINTER EXCURSION  (Excursion)
29-30/11/2014 27th WINTER RALLY *  (FIVA Β Event)


* Event included in the «Regularity Championship 2014» of «F.H. FILPA»

Note: PHILPA reserves the right to modify the number of events and/or their dates.