BULLETIN 22/7/2019

Entries competing in the CEERT championship can participate in one of the two SUPER TROPHY categories "green" or "red".



BULLETIN 18/7/2019 



11.1  Plastira Lake, “48TH INTERNATIONAL RALLY PHILPA” 26 – 29 September 2019

11.2  Category «Α», FIVA License No IR 77/2019

11.3  The participants can choose to compete in one of two categories, “SUPER  TROPHY” or“CLASSIC TROPHY”. Vehicles in     the B, C, & D classification may participate only in the “CLASSIC TROPHY” category. The “SUPER TROPHY” category has two sub-categories the “red” and the “green”. The two sub-categories have different average speeds and different    ideal times in the special stages, the “red” category being slightly faster.  

11.4  Insurance cover policy valid from Thursday 00:00 until Sunday 23:59

11.5  The entry fee for a two member crew is €490 for PHILPA club members and €530 for non members, for prewar vehicles the entry fee is €400 and for young participants (under the age of 30) there is a special 30% discount. The entry fee includes the hotel stay with breakfast, organization costs, awards, event insurance and the gala dinner / awards ceremony.

11.6  Last day for Entry Forms: 13th September 2019. The Entry Form must be accompanied by full payment. In case a participant cancels before 13th September 50% of the fee will be refunded.

11.7  Trophies:

   Α. General Classification “SUPER TROPHY”

      - To the first winners, to the driver the Alexander Stratis Andreadis Trophy a silver plated horn, to the co-driver a cup.

      - To the 2nd and 3rd winners of the General Classification.  

      - To the first foreign crew.  

      - To the owner of the oldest car finishing the Rally

      - To the first all women crew.  

      - To the first crew with a vehicle with an engine of less than 1.000 c.c.

      - To the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the FIVA categories E, F, G & H.

   Β. General Classification “CLASSIC TROPHY”

       - To the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners

       - To the first foreign crew.  

       - To the owner of the oldest car finishing the Rally

       - To the first crew with a vehicle with an engine of less than 1.000 c.c.

       - To the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the FIVA categories E, F, G & H.


1a)      Trophies will be awarded to second and third crew of each category provided that at least three cars of the same category will have started.

1b)     The Crews awarded with General Classification awards will not receive Category awards as well which will be awarded  to the next finishing Crews.

1c)      Crews participating with “youngtimer” vehicles will be excluded from both general classifications

1d)      Microcars will be classified in the results according to their age category

1e)      During the Technical Inspection the vehicles will be inspected for: a valid FIA/FIVA card, Additional instruments (Trip-Μeters etc), Insurance, Emergency Triangle, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit. 


1.8     Eligible in participating are vehicles manufactured until 1989 and “young-timers”, manufactured until 1999.

Additional Notes

Extra bookings at the event hotels will be accepted only if rooms are available after the participants and the organizing team are covered.

Each entrant participates under his/hers responsibility. The entrant must make sure that the participating vehicle is in good working order, insured and has road assistance. The organizers, the Federation and PHILPA are not responsible in case of an accident or an injury during the event. The participants must have a fair knowledge of the current laws concerning the Historic Vehicles.  


BULLETIN 8/7/2019

The Steward of the rally, Mr G. Vallindas has travelled all over central Greece and has organized a 3 day rally with wonderful routes and demanding Special Stages for those who will participate in the SUPER TROPHY, the sporty regularity category. The start of the 48th International Rally will take place in Lamia where the cars will gather, at 12 noon on Thursday 26/9.  On the first day the participants will follow a route that will take them through the Ypati Baths, Agathonos Monastery, Makrakomi, St. George, Fourna, Rentina, Lake Smokovo and will end up at Lake Plastira where the hotels are situated. The second day will take the participants to the famous Tricala bridge, Elati, Pertouli and the magnificent rocks of Meteora before returning to Lake Plastira. The third day the rally will take us to the wild animal sanctuary Megdova and Agrafa and back to Lake Plastira for the finish of the competitive section of the rally and the gala prize giving dinner. The fourth and final day will give to the participants the opportunity to travel at a leasurely pace around the beautiful Plastira Lake before the return trip. 

The vehicles that can participate are historic vehicles that hold a valid FIVA or FIA card and Youngtimers. Participants can choose between the more sporty SUPER TROPHY (Regularity) category and the CLASSIC TROPHY (Touring) category with fewer spacial stages and lower average speeds in some of the special stages. Prizes are awarded in both categories as per the clubs regulations.  

The entry fee for a crew of two, for FILPA club members is €490, for non members €530 and for prewar vehicles €400. Young participants (under the age of 30) have an additional discount of 30%. 

The fee includes the hotel overnight costs with breakfast, organization costs, prizes, civil insurance for the event and the prize giving gala ceremony. 50% of the entry fee cost is returnable in case of cancellation before 13/9/2019. After that date there can be no refund. Those who wish to compete in the CEERT championship must pay an additional fee of €20 for a single entry or €50 for a Team entry. 


PHILPA's 2019 International Rally will be held in the central region of Greece and will be based in the wonderful Plastira Lake. The event, which is the year's most important for the club, becomes even more important this year as it is included in the International Central East European Trophy CEERT, along with clubs from Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey. CEERT aims to become the most important Championship in the region and to attract the best regularity competitors in its events. The countries involved are famous for the wonderful driving routes and unique hospitality which the entrants will enjoy. The dates for most events are already fixed and are as follows: 

20 - 23/4 - Turkey (Istanbul)

7 - 9/6 - Bulgaria 

30/8 - 1/9 - Rumania 

26 - 29/9 - Greece (International Rally). 

As the PHILPA International Rally is chronologically the last rally of the championship, it promises to be very exciting as it will probably be the deciding rally for the championship and will also host the winners' gala awards ceremony.